This website has been created in memory of Brownie Downing by her four children – Charles, Tim, Chele and Beau. It serves as a showcase for her beautifully-executed drawings and paintings of children, fauna and wildlife from all over the world.

As well as her popular artwork, Brownie produced a vast selection of merchandise - prints, greeting cards, ceramic plates, pottery sets, vases, figurines, wall-plaques, dolls, jewellery and children’s books – which found international acclaim. Her designs also found an interesting ‘niche market’ in Japan, where a selection of her prints were transferred to souvenir ceramic pieces.

Downing's work has a strong lingering appeal and many collectors still avidly seek out her work. Her ultimate strength, and the appeal of her work lay in her understanding of the nature of childhood and her capacity to express it
--Richard Holden, art historian