Catalogue of Brownie Downing’s work, as described by her in March 1987


1958: Selfridges Advance Australia Fair

1958: Selfridges Advance Australia Fair


250 original paintings printed and sold worldwide from 1953 to 1970.
Printed by Brownie Downing Productions, Sydney, Australia.
Also by Sir Joseph Caustons, Southampton, UK.
Several million sold.

Greeting cards

Printed by Sir Joseph Caustons, sold 100,000 copies pa in Australia and the same again in UK.

Porcelain figurines, plaques, nursery-ware etc

Created for gift Fair, Elizabeth St, Sydney, Australia and sold exclusively in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, West Indies and South Africa from 1964 to 1970.

Ceramics, plaques, nursery-ware, vases, coffee and tea sets

Created by Falcon Potteries, Stoke-on-Trent, UK from 1959 to 1990.

Exhibitions of Brownie Downing orginals

Galleries in London, Edinburgh, Dublin, Paris, Geneva, Valletta (Malta), various cities in Spain, New York, Montreal, Cuernavaca (Mexico) and Kingston (Jamaica).

Although Brownie never held an exhibition of originals in Australia, her work currently resides in several Australian museums.

Brownie sent this catalogue to her son Tim, who was living in Sydney at that time and keen to promote her profile and work. She added:

In my hey-day on the Australian market my work had no publicity, simply because it didn’t need it. However, every year at the Sydney Show Ground Thelma Lander of ‘Gift Fair’ had a large display of my work on show. This was until her death in 1964. It is all so long ago. Yet it is amazing how people still write to me wanting to know where they can obtain my work.

–Brownie Downing, 1987


Brownie Downing’s first book, Tinka and His Friends, was published in 1960. It sold 60,000 copies and went on to win The Daily Telegraph Children’s Book of the Year award.

She also wrote the following books:

A Tale of Mischief
Tinka and the Bunyip
Children of the Dreaming
Topa the Little Peruvian

Brownie Downing's publications

Brownie Downing’s publications

Tinka And His Friends, published 1960

Tinka And His Friends, published 1960, sold over 60,000 copies